MSW Online Program Plan of Study

Year 1 Fall Semester

Course Modality
BASC 5362: HBSE: Macro and Micro Theories Synchronous
BASC 5350: Analysis of Social Welfare Policy Asynchronous

Year 1 Spring Semester

Course Modality
BASC 5300: Human Oppression Synchronous
Substance Use I (satisfies elective) Asynchronous

Year 1 Summer Session

Course Modality
BASC 5333: Research 1: Research Methods for SW Practice Asynchronous
TBA (satisfies elective) Synchronous

Year 2 Fall Semester

Course Modality
BASC 5390: Macro Foundation Practice Asynchronous
BASC 5391: Micro Foundation Practice Synchronous
FED 5351: Field Education Foundation I In-person @ Agency
FED 5301: Field Education Seminar I Synchronous

Year 2 Spring Semester

Course Modality
IGFP 5301: Practice with Individuals, Groups & Families Synchronous
FED 5352: Field Education Foundation II In-person @ Agency
FED 5302: Field Education Seminar II Synchronous

Year 2 Summer Session

Course Modality
IGFP 5345: Clinical Conditions with Children and Adolescents Synchronous
RSCH 5341: Advanced Research Program Evaluation Asynchronous

Year 3 Fall Semester

Course Modality
IGFP 5302: Advanced Practice with IGF: Theoretical Approaches Synchronous
TBA (satisfies elective) Asynchronous/Synchronous
IGFP 5353: Advanced Field Education III In-person @ Agency
FED 5310: Field Education Seminar III Synchronous

Year 3 Spring Semester

Course Modality
IGFP 5303: Advanced Practice with IGF Across Settings & Populations Synchronous
IGFP 5354: Advanced Field Education IV In-person @ Agency
FED 5311: Field Education Seminar IV Synchronous

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